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  •  [Zhejiang,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Africa , Americas , Asia , Caribbean , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , Other Markets , West Europe , Worldwide
  • Exporter:31% - 40%
  • Certs:CE, GB, ISO9001, ISO14001
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About Us

Today SUNGO is one of the Asia s leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves with five specialized manufacturing plants including three in Wenzhou two in Shanghai We have 680 employees We owe much of our success to quality and innovation which have been the cornerstone of SUNGO since its inception in 1980 and to our philosophy of dynamic leadership We concentrate on one business the design manufacture and marketing of steel valves in a broad range of types and sizes demanding advanced technology has fulfilled all the qualifications to manufacture a wide range of industrial valves for the most severe and demanding services of the Oil Gas Refinery Chemical Marine Power and Pipeline...

Categories and Products

Gate Valve

Cast Steel Gate Valve

Class 300 gate valve 4 Inch Cast steel gate valve 24Inch Class 150 Class 150 gate valve 10 Inch Class 300 gate valve 30 Inch Class 300 10 Inch gate valve Handwheel API valve Class 300 & JIS 20K Cast Steel Gate Valve Class 1500 & Class 2500 Cast Steel Gate Valve Class 600 & Class 900 Cast Steel Gate Valve Class 150 & JIS 10K Cast Steel Gate Valve API600 WCB Flange Gate Valve WCB ANSI API600 Cast Steel Gate Valve API 600 WCB Gate Valve Soft Sealing Gate Valve API Cast Steel Gate Valve API 600 Gate Valve High Pressure Gate Valve Rising Stem Slab Gate Valve API Flange Gate Valve API Cast Steel Gate Valve​ 3Inch 

Stainless Steel Gate Valve

CF8M class 300 gate valve Handwheel stainless steel gate valve Flange end stainless steel gate valve WCB Flat Gate Valve API Industrial Usage Gate Valve API Stainless Steel Gate Valves API stainless steel valve Class 150 stainless steel gate valve API Stainless Steel Gate Valve ANSI 150 Stainless Steel Gate Valve API 603 Stainless steel gate valve Carbon Steel Gate Valve CASTING STEEL GATE VALVES API CF8 Class 150 Gate Valve Class 900 gate valve 3 Inch Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve API603 A217 WC9 A217 WC9 bonnet gate valve Stainless Steel Gate Valve Gate Valve 2 for water Vacuum gate valve design 

Forged Steel Gate Valve

Forged Steel Gate Valve Class 800 A105 forged steel gate valve Forged Steel Gate Globe Check Valve API Forged Gate Valve Forged Steel Socket Welded Gate Valve Forged Steel Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve Class 900,1500 Forged Steel Gate Valve Forged steel gate valve 3/4 Inch Forged Steel Integral Flanged Gate Valve Pressure seal bonnet forged steel valve Forged steel gate valve 1 Inch BB Forged Steel Gate Valve API 602 Gate Valve Forged Steel Extended Body Gate Valve Forged steel gate valves 2 Inch Water flow Gate Valve Screwed Ends Gate Valve 

Pressure Seal Gate Valve

Forged Steel Pressure-Seal Gate Valve Pressure seal gate valve ASME B16.34 Flange Pressure Seal Gate Valve API 600 Pressure Seal Gate Valve Pressure seal gate valve 6 Inch Pressure seal gate valve 16 Inch Pressure Seal Gate Valve Industrial water Gate Valve 

Parallel Slide Gate Valve

CF8 Parallel Slide Gate Valve Class 600 Parallel Slide Gate Valve Class 1500 Parallel Slide Gate Valve Parallel Slide Gate Valve Gear operation parallel slide gate valve 

Through Conduit Gate Valve

Through conduit Gate Valve 10 Inch Through conduit Gate Valve Handwheel Through Conduit Gate Valve Through conduit Gate Valve 4 Inch DN150 Through Conduit Gate Valve Direct Connection Through Conduit Gate Valve 

Globe Valve

Cast Steel Globe Valve

Zero stem leakage DIN Globe Valve Class 150 globe valve 4 Inch Class 900 globe valve 4 Inch Power Station Stop Valve Cast steel globe valve 8 Inch class 150 Globe valve 2 Inch Class 150 Class 300 cast steel globe valve Outside Screw Stem globe Valve Y-type cast steel flange globe valve Handwheel operation 4 Inch globe valve Cast Steel Globe Valve Through Way Globe Valve API Cast Steel Flanged Globe Valves API Handwheel Globe Valves ANSI Standard Globe Valve ANSI Flanged Globe Valve Cast Steel Globe Valves Y Type Renewable Back Seat Globe Valve Cast Steel Jacket Globe Valves Globe Valves WCB Material 

Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Gear operation globe valve Class 150 Stainless Steel Globe Valve Duplex Stainless Steel Globe Valve Bolted Bonnet Stainless Steel Globe Valve CF8 class 150 globe valve ANSI Stainless Steel Globe Valve ANSI Handwheel Globe Valve API Handwheel Stainless Steel Globe Valve ANSI Flange End Stainless Steel Globe Valve API603 Stainless steel globe valve API CF8 Stainless Steel Globe Valve Stainless Steel Globe Valve globe valve vs gate valve 

Forged Steel Globe Valve

Class 900,1500 forged Steel Globe Valve Class 800 Forged Steel Globe Valve API Forged Steel Globe Valve API 602 Forged Steel Globe Valve Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve Pressure Seal Bonnet Globe Valve ASME Forged Steel Globe Valve Forged Steel Globe Valve Handwheel Driver ASTM Forged Steel Globe Valve Weld Forged Steel Globe Valve Forged Steel Threaded Globe Valve Forged steel pressure seal globe valve Forged Steel Seal Pressure Globe Valve Forged steel globe valve 1 Inch Forged Steel Bolted Globe Valve A105 forged steel globe valve Forged Steel Welded Globe Valve ASME Forged Presure Seal Globe Valve Forged Steel Y Type Globe Valve Forged Steel Integral Flanged Globe Valve 

Pressure Seal Globe Valve

Plug Type Disc Pressure Seal Globe Valve API Pressure Seal Globe Valve API 598 Rising Stem Globe Valve Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve Class 2500 pressure seal globe valve Pressure seal globe valve 4 Inch High Pressure Globe Valve Pressure Seal Globe Valve paper and pulp industry valve Gear Pressure Seal Globe Valve 

Check Valve

Cast Steel Check Valve

Cast Steel Check Valve Cast steel 6 Inch class 150 check valve Flanged Swing Check Valve API Standard Check Valve Bolted Bonnet WCB Check Valve API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve Cast Steel Swing Check Valve Swing Type Flanged Check Valve Swing Type Cast Steel Check Valve Swing Type Class1500 Check Valve API Piston Lift Type Check Valve Swing Check Valve Design Pressure Sealed Swing Check Valve ANSI B16.34 Swing Check Valve ANSI Cast Steel Swing Check Valve Flanged Type Swing Check Valve Stainless Steel ANSI B16.34 Check Valve API Swing Type Check Valve Pipeline Check Valve Cast Steel Stainless Steel Lift Check Valve 

Stainless Steel Check Valve

Class 150 check valve 6 Inch Class 150 gate valve 3 Inch check valve 4 Inch class150 Flanged Lift Return Check Valve API Stainless Steel Check Valve API603 Stainless steel check valve Stainless Steel Check Valve 2 What is a check valve 

Forged Steel Check Valve

Forged steel pressure-seal swing check valve Forged steel integral flanged end check valve Threaded Forged Check Valve A105 Forged Steel Check Valve Y Shaped Body Forged Steel Check Valve Forged Steel Integral Flange Check Valve Forged Steel Welding Lift Check Valve Forged Steel Y Type Check Valve Forged Bolted Bonnet Check Valve Forged Steel Lift Thread Check Valve Welded Bonnet forged steel check valve F53 Forged Steel check Valve Y type lift check valve Forged Steel Check Valve Piston Forged Steel Check Valve Forged Steel Weld Check Valve 

Pressure Seal Check Valve

Pressure Seal Swing Check Valve Pressure Seal Cover Check Valve Pressure seal check valve 22 Inch Pressure Seal Check Valve 

Dual Plate Check Valve

CF8M Dual Plate Check Valve WCB Dual Plate Check Valve Dual Plate Check Valve 3 Inch Dual Plate Check Valve 10 Inch Dual Plate Check Valve API API Dual plate Check Valve Wafer Dual Plate Check Valve Double Disc Swing Check Valve Wafer Type Piston Lift Check Valve Dual Plate and Spring Check Valve Flanged Dual plate Wafer Check Valve API 594 Check Valve Dual Plate Check Valve Wafer type Check Valve 

Non-Slam Check Valve

Non-Slam Check Valve 

Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve

ASME B 16.10 Floating Ball Valve Flange End Floating Ball Valve Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve Floating soft sealing ball valve API Forged Floating Ball Valve API Worm Gear Floating Ball Valve API Floating Ball Valve API Flange Floating Ball Valve Pneumatic Floating Ball Valve 2 PC Full Bore Ball Valve API 2PC Floating Ball Valve Two Piece Floating Ball Valve API 6D WCB Floating Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Casting Steel Floating Ball Valve Class300 Floating Ball Valve Flange Connection Floating Ball Valve Floating Stainless Steel Ball Valve Floating Cast Steel Ball Valve Quality Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve 

Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion Ball Valve Side Entry Trunnion Ball Valve Cast Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve API 2PC Trunnion Ball Valve API 3PC Flange Trunnion Ball Valve High Quality Trunnion Ball Valve API Low Pressure Trunnion Ball Valve Metal-to-Metal Seat Ball Valve API 6D 3 Piece Fixed Ball Valve Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Double Block and Bleed Ball Valve Electric Trunnion Ball Valve Cast Steel Gear Ball Valve Stainless Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Full Bore Trunnion Ball Valve 3 Piece Body Trunnion Ball Valve API Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Stainless Steel 3 PC Ball Valve API 6D 3piece Ball Valve 

1PC Body Ball Valve

One piece ball valve Threaded One Piece Ball Valve Stainless Steel one piece ball valve 1PC Body Ball Valve Manual operation 1PC Flanged End 150LB Ball Valve Ball Valve 1PC Body 

Three Way Ball Valve

Three Way Ball Valve Threaded Three Way Ball Valve Lever operation Three Way Ball Valve Three Way Floating Ball Valve API Three Way Ball Valve Gear 3 Way Ball Valve WCB Three Way Ball Valve Three Way Screwed Ball Valve 3 Way Type Ball Valve Stainless Steel Three Way Ball Valve 

Top Entry Ball Valve

Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Flange end Top Entry Ball Valve Top Entry ball valve design API 6D Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve Electric Operation TOP ENTRY BALL VALVE Top Entry Ball Valve-API 6D Casting Mterial Top Entry Ball Valve API Design Top Entry Ball Valve WCB Top Entry Ball Valve 

Full Welded Ball Valve

Stainless steel Full Welded Ball Valve ANSI Full Welded Ball Valve API 6D Fully Welded Ball Valve Floating Fully Welded Ball Valve Electric Operation Fully Welded Ball Valve Metal seated Full Welded Ball Valve Full Welded Ball Valve Fully Welded Ball Valve 

Female Threaded Ball Valve

CF8 Female Threaded Ball Valve Threaded Ball Valve NPT end female Threaded Ball Valve Threaded Ball Valve Forged Steel Lever Operation Flange End Female Threaded Ball Valve Lever Threaded Connection Ball Valve Ball Valve cooling water 

Butterfly Valve

Soft seated butterfly valves

Class 150 Butterfly valve Concentric Line Butterfly Valve Double Flanged End Butterfly Valve API Flanged Butterfly Valve Lined Type Butterfly Valve Pinless Center Line Butterfly Valve API Lug Butterfly Valve Soft Seat Double Centric Butterfly Valve Wafer Lever Butterfly Valve Low Or Middle Pressure Butterfly Valve Soft seated butterfly valve 2 Inch Soft seated butterfly valve Wafer butterfly valve 6 Inch Centre Sealing Lug Type Butterfly Valve Soft Seat Butterfly Valve in Lug Type CF8 Soft seated butterfly valve Worm wafer soft seal butterfly valve Worm lug rubber lined butterfly valve CONCENTRIC DESIGN BUTTERFLY VALVE Soft seal lengthened butterfly valve 

Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

Series MB Butterfly Valve A216 WCB Series MB Butterfly Valve API Series MB Butterfly Valve API butterfly valve Center Sealing Butterfly Valve Double Wafer Offset Butterfly Valve Butt Weld Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Resilient Seat Flange Butterfly Valves Double Flanged Electric Butterfly Valve Electric Double Flanged Eccentric Butterfly Valve Cast Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer Double Offset Butterfly Valve API API Eccentric Metal Seal Butterfly Valve API 6D Pipeline Butterfly Valve ANSI Lug Type Butterfly Valve Three Eccentric Metal Seal Butterfly Valve Metal Seal Butterfly Valve Butterfly Valve with Flange End Flange Type Hard Sealing Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve 

Plug Valve

Lubricated Plug Valve

Reliable Seal Lubricated Plug Valve Inverted pressure balanced lubricated plug valve Flange Lubricated Plug Valve Class 600 Lubricated Plug Valve Non Lubricated Plug Valve full bore Plug Valve 

Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve

Power Industry Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Soft Sealing Plug Valve with Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Double-direction Flow Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Metal Edge Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Sleeve Type Plug Valves 

Cast Steel Y Strainer

Cast Steel Strainer 2 Inch Class150 Cast Steel Y Strainer Cast steel Strainer 4 Inch Bolted cover Cast steel strainer WCB Cast Steel Strainer Cast steel Strainer Cast Steel Y Type Strainer 

Other Valves

Cryogenic Valve

Integral backseat Cryogenic Valve Cryogenic Gate Valves Class150 Cryogenic Flanged Globe Valve Class 300 CF8 Gate valve Cryogenic valve 10 Inch class 300 Class 300 CF8 Check valve LCB Low Temperature Globe Valve Cryogenic globe valve class 150 Low temperature forged steel gate valve Low Temperature Forged Steel Globe Valve Cryogenic butterfly Valve 

Bellow Valve

Bellows Sealed Globe Valve BS Standard ANSI Bellow Seal Globe Valve A105 Bellows Sealed Globe valve Bellow Sealed Handwheel Gate Valve Forged steel cryogenic valve Bellow Seal Globe Valve Bellow Seal Valve Forged Steel bellow sealed Valve Bonnet Designs Bellow Seal Gate Valve Bellow Seal Gate Valve 

GB Valve

Flexible Graphite Metallic elastic sealing butterfly valve Double Direction Solf seal butterfly valve Standard Metallic elastic sealing butterfly valve Water Treatment Metallic elastic sealing butterfly valve DN80 Extension device Cast Iron Telescopic valve The signal butterfly valve Flexible butterfly valve Both weld type metallic hard sealing butterfly valve Swing check valve with damping device Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer and flanged tubing butterfly with rubber lining Solf seal butterfly valve Aeration butterfly valve Metallic elastic hard sealing butterfly valve Chemical Industry Metallic elastic sealing butterfly valve Operation Conveniently and Skillfully butterfly Valve Zero Leakage butterfly valve wafer type butterfly valve 

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